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50 Pop Stars Working in Offices

Posted: January 22nd, 2013 | 9 Comments »

Ronan Keating in a meeting

keating test

Eddie Vedder at the shredder

vedder shredder

Basement Jaxx sending a fax

jaxx fax

Michael Ball on a conference call

ball conference call

 Avril Lavigne at the vending machine

lavingne vending

2Pac getting the sack

2pac getting the sack

Jeff Lynne with the recycling bin

lynn bin

 Martin Kemp, the office temp

kemp temp

Billy Ocean receiving a promotion

man being interviewed for a job

 Johnny Marr in his company car

marr car

 Gareth Gates working late

Businessman Working at the Night

 Kid Rock sorting stock

kid rock sorting stock

 Steve Tyler, master filer


 Roland Gift in a lift

roland gift in a lift

 Brandon Flowers putting in the hours

brandon flowers hours

 Ringo Starr, head of PR

ringo PR

 Kiki Dee is made MD

kiki deemd


Paul Weller, the month’s best seller

paul weller the months

 James Blunt, employee of the month

james blunt employee of the month

Luke Goss from Bros, the world’s best boss

The Office

Paul McCartney at the Christmas party


 Sting and Paul King, both in marketing

sting and paul king

 Cee Lo Green in the canteen

cee lo green canteen

 Brotherhood of Man own the sandwich van

brotherhood van

Cheryl Cole starts her new role

cole role

Nick Drake on his cigarette break

**EXCLUSIVE** Brad Pitt dons some Elvis-esque gold sunglasses as he steps out into the bright LA sunshine for a nicotine fix

Pepsi and Shirlie arriving Early

Fitch Says Opaque China Local Government Debt Data A 'Weakness'

Errol Brown, the office clown

errol brown office clown

Martin Fry the industrial spy

martin Fry the industrial spy

 Jay Kay on a team building day

jay kay team building

 Ian Brown gets a dressing down 

ian brown dressing down

Tony Di Bart with a flipchart 

tony di bartflipchart

Chaka Demus & Pliers, their pep talk inspires 

chaka demus inspires

Shania Twain commutes by train


twain train


Rihanna at the scanner 

rihanna scanner


Flirty Sabrina with the window cleaner 

sabrina window

Noddy Holder clutching a folder

noddy holder folder


Lana Del Rey on her first day

lana del first day


Rick Witter, he’s always on Twitter

man at computer in office



Peter Hook the canteen cook

peter hook canteen

 Slick Rick Phoning in ‘sick’

slick rick sick

Brian May with his in-tray




Kate Nash with the petty cash 

kate nash petty cash

 Francis Rossi, he’s always bossy

francis rossi bossy

 Shayne Ward at the noticeboard


 Jimmy Nail sorting the mail

jimmy nail mail

Andy Bell from Personnel

andy bell personel

Marvin Gaye checking his pay

marvin gaye pay


Kerry Katona, the office loner

Lonely office man


Simon Le Bon turns the tea urn on

simon le bon tea



This all started as a project I was going to do called, “90s Pop Stars on Defunct Modes of Transport.”  Indeed, I got as far as doing a photo of 2unlimited on top of a hovercraft (it wasn’t very good). Then, like the political map of Europe in the early 20th century, things changed very quickly.  Julie Oliver (lover and bank) said the line, “Ronan Keating in a meeting,” and that was it; the original project was abandoned and 50 Pop Stars Working in Offices was born into this brutal and ungrateful world.

So I must thank Julie (@julieoliver20) for not only inducing the idea, but for coming up with most of the early suggestions.  David Lilley (@davelille) and Duncan Cobb (@DanteArcher) also provided valuable contributions that made it past my rigorous quality control standards. Quality control standards, I might add, that would put Ginsters to shame.

Once the project had gone public, good friends hurled many, many suggestions at me.  A fair few of those became the second batch of photos I did.

So for ideas, suggestions, service and friendship well beyond the call of a non-existent duty, I must thank (in alphabetical order of forename)

Chris Stewart  @ChrisStewartCS

Dan Fardell  @dan_fardell

Fraser Geesin  @frasergeesin

Kate Hodgkinson  @kitkate80

Kathryn Spencer  @vintagefan

Ken Langfield  @klangfield

Lisa Gregson  (you’re allowed not to be in Twitter Lisa, you work in HR – could be dangerous)

Max Dowler  @maxdowler

Preston Outatime @prestonoutatime

Rachel Parris  @iamrachelparris

Richard Owen  @swissclinic

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  1. tim wild says:

    Elton John gets the coffee on.

    Pat Benetar puts her pens in a jar

    A package arrives. For the Hives.

  2. Michael Jackson gets a faxin’
    Mark & Lard swap business cards
    Echo & The Bunnymen, happy with their Parker pen
    Stephy Graph shows her pie graph
    Rankin Roger from The Beat attaches a Spreadsheet
    Adelle closes Excel
    Olly Murs makes Bacs Transfers
    Thora Hurd on Microsoft Word
    Dr. Hook archiving Outlook
    Alex Winter on the Laser Printer
    Baby Spice and Gerry, available on Blackberry

    • phil says:

      Wonderful, wonderful suggestions all. I shall, with your permission, put them all on my master sheet. From there I can plot the next batch to be done. Thank you.

  3. Ronco K-Tel says:

    Poptastic stuff. Check out The Unlikely Pop Quiz Page on Facebook. I think that we may have been separated at birth x

  4. James says:

    Blu Cantrell on Microsoft ExCel
    Pete Burns refills the urns
    Axl Rose’ll show his proposal
    Agnetha Fältskog updating the Blog
    Seasick Steve on Annual Leave
    Tom Jones mans the phones
    Mick Jagger the free-coffee-blagger
    Phil Lynott’s takin’ the minutes

  5. Fart Master says:

    These are pretty ****ing awful, but with a mildly amusing undertone..

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