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Who is your Favourite Muppet?

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In 2004 I wrote to 47 world leaders, businessmen, celebrities, politicians and sports stars and asked them who their favourite Muppet was.  Some of them replied.

Jeremey Paxman

Optimized-paxman final

 Timmy Mallett


 Jeff Stelling

Optimized-stelling final

 Roy Hudd

Optimized-roy hudd final

 Delia Smith


Richard Branson

branson final

Penny Smith


 Claudio Ranieri

Optimized-ranieri final

 George Lucas

lucas george final

 Rod Eddington (Former Chairman of British Airways)


 Michael O’Leary (CEO of Ryanair)

Optimized-o leary

 Charles Kennedy

Optimized-kennedy final


Here’s a list of the other people I wrote to:

The Queen (no reply)

Tony Blair (generic reply – no Muppet offered)

Michael Howard (no reply)

Colonel Gaddafi (no reply – wrote twice)

Peter McHugh – CEO My Travel Group (wrote back telling me he would be keen to start package holidays to Libya, but there was no mention of a favourite Muppet).

George W Bush (no reply)

Bill Clinton (no reply)

Jimmy Carter (Just sent back a form to donate to his charity – no favourite Muppet mentioned).

Kate Sanderson – former presenter of Watchdog (Had to write twice, but in the end she said Kermit).

Leo Sayer (no reply)

Mark Palios – Former Chief Executive of The Football Association (generic reply, no Muppet offered).

Youri Djorkaeff – former footballer (no reply)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (no reply)

Sir Michael Bishop – CEO of British Midland Airways (no reply)

Thierry Henry (generic reply from Arsenal Football Club)

Sir Alex Fergusson (no reply)

Jonathan Ross (replied 8 years later by Twitter that it was Kermit)

President Chirac (generic response from President’s Office, no Muppet offered)

Mo Mowlam (no reply)

John Virgo (no reply)

Terry Leahy – Former CEO of Tesco (secretary replied saying that she didn’t know who his favourite Muppet was, but hers was Kermit)

John Glenn (no reply)

Jay Kay (no reply)

Katie Derham (sent autographed postcard back , but no Muppet was mentioned)

Norman Wisdom (no reply)

Phil Oakey (no reply)

Amanda Holden (sent autographed postcard back , but no Muppet was mentioned)

Sherlock Holmes (generic reply received from The Sherlock Holmes Museum)

Kofi Annan (generic reply received from the UN.  No Muppet offered).

Richard Whiteley (his secretary wrote back and told me he has never watched The Muppet Show).

John Browne – CEO of BP (no reply)

Martin Todd – CEO of Esso UK (Secretary wrote back and said that his was Miss Piggy).

Ken Livingstone (generic reply, no Muppet offered).

John Stevens – former head of The Metropolitan Police (generic reply, no Muppet offered).

Donald Trump (sent me his signed business card and a Trump Tower Bookmark – no Muppet offered).



Dictators with Glove Puppets

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Kim Jong-un


Colonel Gaddafi

gaddafi glove

Mao Tse-tung



stalin (2)

 Saddam Hussein

saddam final

Idi Amin


 Robert Mugabe


 Adolf  Hitler


 Erich Honecker




 General Pinochet

pinochet final

 Fidel Castro





Supermarket Products

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asda eaten god chuckle sausages     packed hornets asda pilots   ROGER SHANKS

New Royal Mail Stamps

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British Design Stamps 2009

stamp 2

stamp 3










Brighton – City of the Gulls

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gull cliff

Planet of the Apes (1968)

gull ape 1

gulls 3


gull kiss

apes end