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Now, I’m not going to pretend to you that what I do has any real worth.  But then again, can any of us claim real worth? The chap who invented the drive-thru cashpoint machine, he’s got worth – bags of it, but he’s probably the only person alive today who has.  Oh, and Kate Garraway.  She’s very good, isn’t she?

But I’m digressing.  The point is that I stand on stage and talk about things with PowerPoint and a really big screen.  It’s not strictly stand-up comedy, but comedy nights are really the only places where it fits.  I also write stuff, all sorts of stuff really.  If you want it in old-skool book form, then it’s mostly poetry.  If you want it on on your computer, then it’s mostly aimless projects and experiments.

So it’s a mixed bag really, but that’s just the way it’s turned out.  And nice it is too – I can’t complain.

So, thanks loads for arriving here.


  • “Phil Lucas is like a child with special powers trapped in the body of a 42 year old man. In the best possible way.”

  • Nathan Kail – co-founder of Giraffe Comedy Magazine
  • “Phil is an original and by that I mean a genius. His ability to not only write outstanding poetry is coupled with an amazing sense of humour that makes me laugh out loud. His playful originality always surprises and delights.”

  • Aidan Goatley – comedian/author
  • “Embracing seemingly inconsequential tabloid minutiae and pursuing his cause with foolhardy exuberance, Phil Lucas tilts at socially constructed windmill’s with unrivalled gusto. A modern day Don Quixote; erudite, loveable and hilarious, he’s either a savant or an idiot. Probably both.”

  • Nathan Wood – radio presenter
  • “I wish I’d never left him.” *

  • Wendy Craig – actress
  • “In an overcrowded landscape where people try so hard to be oblique and different, Mr Lucas is genuinely unique. Funny, sweet, charming, but with playful teeth, he has become my benchmark for beautifully funny. Phillip Michael The Battleship Potempkin Lucas, a grateful nation salutes you.”

  • David Jordan – comedian/musician
  • “Mr Lucas is indeed a funny man.”

  • The Huffington Post
  • “You should catch Phil Lucas before he’s arrested on a jumped-up terrorism charge.”

  • He’s very, very funny.

  • Jeremy Vine – Broadcaster
  • A man who would be clinically depressed if Photoshop and PowerPoint didn’t exist.

  • Alex Martini – Promoter and Comedian
  • “Phil Lucas looks like he has been forged in the soil of India.”

  • Phil Jerrod – comedian
  • He reminds me of a young Tina Turner.

  • Edward Moore – Photographer
  • “A high energy blend of surreal celebrity slander and incisive silliness.”

  • Latest 7 Magazine
  • I’m going to be following him very closely on Twitter from now on.

  • Kate Garraway – TV Presenter and Angel
  • “Everything he does makes me laugh so hard I break something, or someone. He is a mind-achingly hilarious man.”

  • Rachel Parris – comedian/musician
  • “If Phil Lucas had an annual out, I’d buy it in a shot – he’s THAT good.”

  • Max Dowler – comedian and impressionist
  • “A poet of great wit and warmth; capable of summoning the 1970s from a vision of buses or making you laugh at loud with observations on the shallowness of modern life. Phil’ s work recalls Betjeman, John Hegley and Roger McGough while retaining its own, very distinct voice.”

  • Mark Barrowcliffe – author
  • “Phil Lucas is the Da Vinci of frippery. His mind is the whack-a-mole in the seaside funfair of pop culture.”

  • Dan Fardell – comedian
  • “Phil Lucas is, without doubt, a Poke favourite.”

  • The Poke
  • “In a city desperately seeking the next Chris Eubank, Phil Lucas is willing and ready to slip in to the Great One’s vacated jodhpurs.”

  • Guy Lloyd – radio and TV presenter
  • “I love Phil Lucas so much I wish he was my dad. So much so that, after great expense, I’ve managed to legally put myself up for adoption. Fingers crossed that Phil snaps me up before Madonna does.”

  • Chris Stewart – comedian
  • Phil Lucas 42, has been slapping sexually suggestive notes to post boxes in his home town of Brighton, East Sussex.

  • The Sunday Sport
  • I love him.

  • Annabel Giles – Author/Broadcaster
  • Phil is a legend, an actual legend, as opposed to the overused expression.

  • Sam Stone – comedian
* this one may not be true